1 New Book, 8 Is Not Enough, and 10 More Songs! (part 5 of 10)

So, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter you might know that I have a new book that came out Tuesday. If you aren’t sick of saying so, then perhaps I am not doing my job guerrilla marketing enough. So I may as well add a blog post about the book before I get to the 5th group of 10 songs in my top 100 list.

The Book: WWE 100 Greatest Matches. I got to be part of some amazing books during my seven years working at WWE. (Hell, I got to be part of a few amazing wrestling books before my time at WWE. The three books I did at Sports Publishing LLC probably helped me get the WWE gig in the first place.) While I did write one book while working at corporate (10 Count Trivia) and contributed to several others, this is the first book I wrote solo. We solicited authors, wwe.com contributors, Superstars, and more to get a vast range of opinions of the greatest matches in WWE history. I built the list of 100 using these lists as a guide. For each match, I then rewatched them a few times, and wrote about the leadup to the match, the match action, and then the aftermath. Each match is a two-page spread accompanied by several awesome photographs from the WWE library. I also was super lucky, because Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, who’s match with Macho Man Randy Savage for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania III was a no-brainer addition to the list, wrote the introduction, giving the book’s authoring team some much needed star power.

Are you already interested? The book should be at your local Barnes & Noble in the sports section, or you can order it from Amazon Here!


The reviews: Still not convinced that this should top your summer reading list? How about some awesome reviews that really stoked my ego at a time that my self-esteem could use the boost. Here’s one and here’s another! The real kicker is that WWE even made a video promo for the book. If you ask me honestly, the WWE Encyclopedia is still the project I am most proud of working on, but this is pretty darn close.

The real heroes: Other than my involvement, what is the primary similarity between my new book and the Encyclopedia? The editors, designers, production team of DK/Brady/Prima. I’ve worked in the publishing industry for decades, so I already knew of the magic Rube Goldberg  machine that took text to finished product, but it’s even more stunning when it’s my crappy words that get turned into a spectacular visual product.

I am sure I won’t continue to bring up this book–hopefully, I will soon have another project to announce and I can move on. Worst case scenario, it’s only 3 to 300 more blogs tied to the book. But let’s make this one a best seller in the meantime by buying this book for dads, moms, brothers, sisters, your letter carrier, Seth Green, Bill Simmons, that lady who lives down the street–it’s the perfect gift for anyone.

Back to my music list and the reason for the music list in the first place–listening while exercising. My previous blog, Renewing My Fitbit Vows (part 4 of 10), mentioned that I was back to hitting my 11,000 step, 5.5 mile goal–with 5 straight days. I am now on an 8-day streak, although upping it to 9 will be a challenge, as we are driving to North Carolina tomorrow for a First Communion weekend.

  • Falling in Love (Uh-Oh)–Miami Sound Machine
  • No Myth–Michael Penn
  • Heroes–David Bowie
  • Hip Hop Is Dead–Nas (featuring Will.I.Am)
  • Rapper’s Delight–Sugarhill Gang
  • And She Was–Talking Heads
  • Let’s Go Crazy–Prince
  • I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)–Hercules Soundtrack
  • Crazy For You–Madonna
  • Us and Them–Pink Floyd

I always thought a “Guilty Pleasure” album featuring acclaimed music acts doing covers of  songs you wouldn’t expect them to perform would be a great concept album. If I was such an artist,  I have no doubt that Miami Sound’s Machine’s “Falling in Love (Uh-Oh)” would be my contribution to the project. I’ve always had a soft spot for soft rock. I love Air Supply for example, but I did not put any of their songs on my 100. There is another song that represents this side of my personality to come, but there is no guiltier pleasure than this Gloria Estefan number. The other candidate from this batch is the romantic song from the animated movie Hercules. This song was already on my list, but then my daughter made me love it even more by using it for a college film project.

For a long time, Michael Penn was the ultimate one-hit wonder as I absolutely adored “No Myth” from the first time I heard it. “What if I was Romeo in black jeans?” is a question I can hear sung any time and it makes me smile. The driving chords from the acoustic guitar are also so distinctive. But I had not heard another song from Penn, the brother of actors Sean and Chris Penn, since (by the way, that seems like a brutally talented trio of siblings–what are my kids going to do to match that? No pressure!) But 12 years later, Penn performed a duet with the incredible Aimee Mann (his wife and the former lead singer of ‘Til Tuesday) of the Beatles song “Two of Us” for the I Am Sam soundtrack. (I cannot recommend the movie at all, but the soundtrack is definately worth owning.) That’s a song  that just missed this list.

The two music giants that we lost this year are represented on this group of ten. I had already talked in some detail about Prince in the blog entry Royal Discography but David Bowie was another crushing loss in 2016. Like Prince, I do not ever remember a time in my life when Bowie wasn’t cool. He was making his “comeback” so to speak in 1983 when I first started really paying attention to music.  His three hits from the Let’s Dance album were mainstays on American Top 40 that year, and they are such incredible songs to sing along with anytime they play on the radio. Loving those songs inspired me to work backwards on his catalog, and I was so delighted to discover his earlier work. Again, any number of songs could make a favorites list, but “Heroes” is theone that makes the cut for me.

I am glad that the premise of the Nas song that makes my list, “Hip Hop is Dead,” is decidedly not true. Not only is this a song that I love hearing any time it comes up, but often I have to tilt the randomness of my ipod by specifically selecting the song to play. The sampling of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” is inspired and the wordplay on the song about the commercialization of the genre is fantastic. I can’t say I am a hip-hop/rap expert, but I have loved having it in my life back to the days of “Rapper’s Delight.” I remember being obsessed with that song in 1980. I was in fifth grade and I would constantly rap the lyrics anywhere and everywhere. I have a lasting memory of (I thought) quietly doing them at my school desk and the girl sitting in front of me turning around and hissing the request that I please shut up.

My favorite band for years was the Talking Heads. They were my first real break from Top 40 music, even if “Burning Down the House” was a top ten hit. Seeing the concert movie Stop Making Sense as well as listening to “And She Was” and the rest of the Little Creatures album did it for me. Not seeing them in concert was one of my great musical regrets. I am not proud to finally admit that the only reason I started to listening to them in the first place was to impress a woman. I was a bus boy in high school and Danielle, two years older than me, was a big fan of the band. I wanted to impress her, so I started listening to their music to have something to discuss. While my initial reasons were not pure, I loved what I heard and they remain a favorite of mine. In fact, another song will be coming as well as a song featuring David Byrne.

The first of two Madonna songs to make my list was the absolute greatest slow dance songs from my high school years. We used to have dances in our church basement, and my friend Aaron and I would DJ them (this is not to say we were DJs in the way people DJ now–we just played one song after another and would come up with idiotic prizes for dance contests–thank god cameras were not so ubiquitous back then–I would not liked to have seen my moves preserved on  YouTube for the rest of my life. But “Crazy for You” was an excellent tune to slow dance to if you could convince a girl to do so. Looking back, it is amazing I ever got anyone to do so. I was a dork back then, not the dashing and suave hero I am now.

Finally, my love of pop music, American Top 40 (or more specifically Billboard  magazine charts), numbers, and records intersected with the amazing fact that Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd spent more than a decade on the Top 200 album charts. Don’t get me wrong–like all white American middle schoolers, I eventually got into Pink Floyd and love that album, as well as the song “Us and Them” in particular. But that is just an amazing number–more than 700 weeks and 15 years on the chart. I’d settle for 700 readers or 15 straight Fitbit goal days in a row.


Theme Songs from Periods of Your Life

Let’s keep the momentum of both the gym and the writing going! I’m really getting back into a musical groove–at the end of each year, I like to put together a mix CD of some of my favorite songs released in the year. I’ve got a title for this year’s collection (not ready for announcement yet), and I know of at least eight songs that will be going on the album, but I still have some listening and deciding to do. However, that will not be an excuse to not exercise and move the alphabetical journey forward. I’d like to get to ‘F’ before Christmas.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

3.28 miles on the elliptical machine at the gym

  • Easy’s Getting Harder Every Day–Iris DeMent
  • Eat Cannibals–Toto Coelo
  • Eat for Two–10,000 Maniacs
  • Eat for Two [live]–10,000 Maniacs
  • Ebay–Weird Al Yankovic
  • Ebony & Ivory [live]–Paul McCartney
  • Ebony & Ivory–Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder
  • Echoes–Set Your Goals
  • Echos Myron–Guided by Voices
  • Eclipse–Pink Floyd
  • The Ecstasy of Gold–Metallica
  • Eddie–Rocky Horror Picture Show cast
  • Edelweiss–Sound of Music cast
  • Edelweiss [reprise]–Sound of Music cast
  • Edelweiss Waltz–Sound of Music cast
  • Eden–10,000 Maniacs

It’s ironic that I got three 10,000 Maniacs songs today because that band gave me my first taste of today’s leadoff artist, Iris DeMent. One of 10,000 Maniacs CD singles (I believe the one for “Few & Far Between”) had an unplugged cover of DeMent’s “Let The Mystery Be” by 10,000 Maniacs and David Byrne. Now at the time, the Talking Heads were my favorite band and the Maniacs were not that far behind, so I was already predisposed to like the song, and sure enough, it is a favorite to this day. The lyrics and the melding of Byrne and Merchant make it one of my favorite covers ever. Now, my love of the song did not spur me to go out and purchase any of Iris DeMent’s catalogue–my wife is the fan. But hearing her distinctive voice and gospel-tinged music has made me a fan as well, and right now, “Easy’s Getting Harder Every Day” seems like an appropriate theme song for my life.

After “Eat Cannibals”, a quintessential 80’s tune, I got to hear studio and live versions of 10,000 Maniacs song that also served as a sort-of theme for my life at one point. Both my wife and I are fans of the group, so when she was pregnant with our twins, I would play this song and sing along, only substituting “three” for “two” whenever the chorus came up–I know, I know;  an early example of the quality humor you’ve grown (or groan) to expect from reading this column. The third 10,000 Maniacs song closed my list today, and it was the pseudo-title track from “Our Time in Eden”, which was a great album from them, one that unfortunately turned out to be the Merchant version of the band’s last.

I think everyone should just take a minute and reflect on how successful “Weird Al” Yankovic has been at his niche within the music industry and for how long. 30+ years of parodying the sound and style of so many pop artists, and what’s amazing is how good a job he does getting down the sound and style of each artist (for those that haven’t heard it, “Ebay” is a parody of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys). I am typing this while watching the 12.12.12 concert, and I honestly believe Al deserved a set on this night more than some of the artists that did play.

One artist that is going to play tonight (and close the show, I think) is Paul McCartney, and I got two versions of “Ebony & Ivory”, one from his 1989 concert tour. Now I love Paul McCartney–I saw him in concert twice in college–but I think he should not sing the song live with another white guy taking Wonder’s part. I think it just defeats the purpose of the song. Another participant tonight, Roger Walters, showed up with his Pink Floyd mates for “Eclipse”, although first I got to hear one of my son’s bands, Set Your Goals, and a little Guided by Voices as well.

After some live Metallica, I got a song my daughter loves (a Rocky Horror Picture Show number) and a trio of songs my mother loves (anything from her favorite film, The Sound of Music). Luckily, neither of these two songs would have ever made appropriate theme songs for any period of my life, as I never was a rebellious biker or living in a Nazi-occupied land.

Would the real Matt Nathanson please stand up?

This week continues an excellent run of consecutive gym appearances. Lost in this streak is walks to commemorate Red Sox victories–as of this writing, I think I am 6-7 victory marches in the hole. I plan to rectify that oversight next week. Even without my promised bonus walks I am extremely happy with my level of exercise these last few weeks, and I’m back in a place where if I don’t get out and get moving, I’m angry with myself–quite the 180 from the usual sluggish “take an act of Congress to get me moving” Dean. Let’s cover three days of exercise lists in this entry:

Monday, July 23, 2012

3.20 miles on the elliptical machine at the gym

  • Colossal–Wolfmother
  • Coma–Guns N’ Roses
  • Come & Talk to Met (Radio Edit)–Jodeci
  • Come and Get Me–Timbaland featuring Tony Yayo & 50 Cent
  • Come Around (featuring Timbaland)–M.I.A.
  • Come As You Are–Nirvana
  • Come As You Are [live]–Nirvana
  • Come Back–Foo Fighters
  • Come Back Around–Feeder
  • Come Back Baby–Elton John
  • Come Back to Me–Janet Jackson
  • Come Crash–A.C. Newman

Wolfmother was another band that I knew nothing about until I heard their “Joke & The Thief” track in the Rock Band series. They’re still not a group I’d choose to listen to on most days, but their metal tracks do inspire me while I’m trying to exercise. That’s also true about the music of Guns N’ Roses, a band I do occasionally choose to listen to (and plan on putting on when I am finished with this entry). The Jodeci song is from one of my many compilation albums. If my list were like the Oscars, Timbaland would be a double nominee with Lead Performer on “Come and Get Me” and Supporting Male on the M.I.A. song “Come Around”. I obviously am a fan of Timbaland, but I enjoy the second song more because of M.I.A.

There are worse things in life than getting a double shot of Nirvana, particularly a studio/live combo of anything off Nevermind and Live in Reading. If you haven’t heard the latter (I’m kind of assuming that everyone has at least listened to, if not a proud owner of, the former), do yourself a favor and grab a copy. Always a bit fitting when Dave Grohl’s band the Foo Fighters comes after Nirvana. “Come Back Around” is yet another song (and by extension, band) to be introduced to me via soundtrack, specifically, the American Wedding compilation. I’m not sure if it puts me in the mood to own more Feeder–any Feeder fans out there willing to argue the group’s cause? As for Elton John, I’d argue I have the perfect amount of his music–a 4-disc boxed set I purchased while in college.

Monday’s list closed with a Janet Jackson number from Rhythm Nation 1814. (It was amazing that the album managed to produce *7* top 10 hits, including “Come Back to Me”), and a track from A.C. Newman, who I love, but would guess will not produce 7 top 10 hits in his entire career, even if you include the New Pornographers (which is a shame).

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

3.10 miles on the elliptical at the gym

  • Come Dancing–The Kinks
  • Come Dancing [live]–The Kinks
  • Come Go With Me–The Beach Boys
  • Come Monday–Jimmy Buffett
  • Come On (Let’s Go Tonight)–Bruce Springsteen
  • Come On Eileen–Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  • Come On Eileen–Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  • Come On Get Higher–Matt Nathanson
  • Come On Home–Mary Chapin Carpenter
  • Come On, Come In–Velvet Revolver
  • Come Out and Play (Keep ‘Em Separated)–The Offspring
  • Come Sail Away–Styx
  • Come So Far (Got So Far to Go)–Hairspray Cast
  • Come Together–The Beatles

The opening two tracks for Tuesday’s exercise are my studio and live versions of the Kink’s “Come Dancing”, the song that first got me into the group, and seeing how awesome their earlier work is, makes that song an important and beloved touchstone in my musical education. Plus it’s a great story song that is fun to sing along with whenever it plays. The next two songs are appropriate summer numbers from the Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffett. The Springsteen number is a previously unreleased track from his Darkness on the Edge of Town sessions, which leads into my first-ever “favorite song” Dexy’s Midnight Runners only US hit, “Come on Eileen”. I didn’t really listen to music until I was 14, when I started listening to popular radio. “Come on Eileen” started rising up the charts, and it was my first go-to radio song.

So I’m listening to “Come On Get Higher”, a song my daughter purchased on iTunes a few years back and I find I’m really enjoying the song, but I don’t know the name of the artist. When I look him up, I see that he’s also the singer of “Laid” from the third American Pie movie, American Reunion. I couldn’t believe the two songs came from the same artist (although it made a bit more sense when I learned that “Laid” was originally a James song and things made a bit more sense. We actually have a third Matt Nathanson song, a cover of a Muppets’ number “I Hope that Something Better Comes Along” from The Green Album. I have to hand it to Nathanson, able to create such different tunes and styles is quite a feat. (To be honest, the three songs I own could be the outliers–for all I know, all his other songs may sound the same,)

The hits keep “Coming…” (Ha! Get it? Anyone? Is this thing on?) with Mary Chapin Carpenter and Velvet Revolver, which I’m pretty sure was a common double bill for summer concerts tours.  Next up was a favorite of my kids (and admittedly, me as well), The Offspring and a classic 80s band, Styx. My youngest daughter added the Hairspray number to the collection, but the comparison to the next song, “Come Together”, made the Fab Four’s number even sweeter.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

3.25 miles on the elliptical machine at the gym

  • Come Together–The Beatles
  • Come Undone–Duran Duran
  • Come Undone–Duran Duran
  • The Comedians–Elvis Costello
  • Comfortably Numb -[live]–Pink Floyd
  • Coming Around Again/Itsy Bitsy Spider [live]–Carly Simon
  • Coming Back to You–Martin Gore
  • Coming Back to You–Trisha Yearwood
  • Coming Clean–Green Day
  • Coming Home for Christmas–Kristy Starling
  • Coming Up–Paul McCartney

Just as Tuesday’s list ended with an Abbey Road classic, Wednesday’s set began with the same song, this one from the compilation album. It’s a double double as two copies of the Duran Duran song “Come Undone” comes next, followed by an Elvis Costello number. Hearing my one copy of “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd reminds me of one of the major holes in my record collection–we do not own The Wall. (it’s tough to admit, so I just need to think what Jack Black’s character Barry said in High Fidelity to the shopper that didn’t own a copy of Blonde on Blonde–it’s going to be ok). We will have to rectify the Floyd oversight at some point, however. After Pink Floyd live, I got another live number, this time from Carly Simon, a mashup of her hit “Coming Around Again” and the children’s song “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

We own two covers of Leonard Cohen’s “Coming Back to You”, which led into Green Day and a nondescript Christmas carol. Things closed with a third live song in this list, one by Paul McCartney. I actually don’t think I’ve ever heard the studio version of “Coming Up”, but that’s not an oversight I need to correct as quickly as The Wall.


Tough to exercise when you eat yourself silly

Took the day off with family visiting for a nice Easter dinner with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. Ham, potatoes, green beans, and a sugar coma from cake and Easter candy. It was  such a beautiful day that I intended to go for a walk, but it would have been rude to do my headphone-wearing power walk when we had company, it would have been rude to not have a second helping of my wife’s outstanding ham and from-scratch dinner rolls, and it would have been rude not to pilfer candy from my kids’ baskets and eggs. Not to mention that the Red Sox bullpen punched me in the groin twice yesterday afternoon.

The gym would have been impossible, as it was only open from 7AM-2PM yesterday (which I appreciate them being open at all on a holiday like that), so my streak of 13 straight days going to the gym ended. However, it’s nice to see that for the past 4 weeks, my pattern has been work out at the gym 13 days, get a Sunday off, work out another 13 days, get a Sunday off. It’s like I’m a pre-union American factory worker!

Hope today was Day 1 of another (at least) 13-day run…

April 9, 2012

3.31 miles on the elliptical plus upper arm weight work at the gym

  • Another One Bites the Dust–Glee Cast
  • Another Postcard–Barenaked Ladies
  • Another Postcard [acoustic]–Barenaked Ladies
  • Another Saturday–Stuart Murdoch
  • Another Saturday Night–Sam Cooke
  • (Another Song) All Over Again–Justin Timberlake
  • Another Spin–Barenaked Ladies
  • Another State of Mind–Social Distortion
  • Another State of Mind–Green Day
  • Another Tricky Day–The Who
  • Another Year Ends–The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
  • “The Answer Is No”–Dialogue from The Muppets
  • Answering Machine–The Replacements
  • Ant–They Might Be Giants
  • The Anthem–Good Charlotte
  • Anthem of the Angels–Breaking Benjamin
  • Anticipation [live]–Carly Simon
  • Any Colour You Like–Pink Floyd

I don’t have anything personal against Glee covers, particularly with how happy they make my daughter. I just feel that they do much better with pop and Broadway standards than rock hits, so it was probably good that I didn’t get the two versions of “Another One Bites the Dust” back-to-back. For Barenaked Ladies, I though “Another Postcard” was an attempt to re-capture the joy and charm of the hit “One Week”, and it was more successful that the previous album’s try, “Pinch Me.” In particular, I like the song bridges where he describes the different kinds of chimpanzee postcards he’s received.

When “Another Saturday” came on, I was a bit confused, as I didn’t remember purchasing that Belle & Sebastian song. It’s not, as it is a solo song for Stuart Murdoch from the AIDS benefit album Dark Was The Night, an amazing 2-disc collection that I highly recommend, as it has great Arcade Fire, Spoon, and so many more. Of course, when I think about musical “another Saturdays”, Sam Cooke’s contribution still comes to mind first, and probably always will.

I think my wife was really worried about me when I decided to purchase FutureSex/LoveSounds, but it’s a decision I defend to this day. We got it when visiting relatives in Indiana and listened to it several times on the ride back to Connecticut. Every song on it is enjoyable, and the smooth, effective transitions between them make it hard to dive in and out as opposed to hearing it all in one sitting.

I then got a BNL song sung by Kevin Hearn, followed by two versions of “Another State of Mind”–the original by Social Distortion and a cover by Green Day. The Green Day cover is fairly faithful, so I hope it gets more music fans into Social Distortion. One of my favorite Who songs (and the first Who song of the 86 I own to be heard on this project) really got me to up my speed on the elliptical. The “Another Year Ends” piece is from a Harry Potter movie–we borrowed from our local library a CD that contains instrumental score selections from multiple films. Speaking of films, a seven-second clip of dialogue from last November’s The Muppets came next. It was a great movie, and you don’t have to have kids to enjoy it.

I get two artists that I’ve already heard several songs from back-to-back, with The Replacements followed by They Might Be Giants. I love “Ant” and I do hope that someday that Ant will grow up to be President. “The Anthem” is one of two songs I heard today from the American Wedding soundtrack, a nice coincidence as I’ve watched all three American Pie films over the past three days in order to prepare for the fourth one in theaters. They all hold up well, and while the first led to some awful raunchy comedies, those films (like Tomcats) seemed to miss the point of mixing crude humor with characters you actually like.

Breaking Benjamin is more of an artist for my kids than me, but it was an excellent workout song. But then again, I enjoyed working out to “Anticipation” as well, so maybe my opinion has less value than I’d like to believe.

I knew my workout was winding down, so when I heard the beginning of a Pink Floyd song, I started to worry I was getting a 10-minute number. Luckily, it was one of their shorter songs, and I was able to finish my weight work and not have to put in an extra 10 minutes in order to complete the song.

1-mile walk

  • Any Man of Mine–Shania Twain
  • Any Other Girl–N.U.
  • Any Time At All–The Beatles
  • Any Way You Want It–Journey
  • Any Way You Want It/Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ Another–Glee Cast
  • Anybody Seen My Baby–The Rolling Stones

I took advantage of a nice day and walked about a mile outside as well (and as I’m writing this, I’m excited to report that tomorrow I will have to do my first additive 2-mile Red Sox win walk in addition to my regular exercise!). There’s the CDs you love and the CDs you regret buying, and then there’s the third category–the CDs you don’t remember getting.  Apparently, at some point we got a CD collection of 1996 Grammy nominees, including a Shania Twain song (she was up for Best New Artist that year). It’s not a bad collection of pop hits, and serves as a nice reminder of what was big that year. I then got my second American Wedding song and a Beatles release, before getting an awesome Journey hit and the Glee medley cover of the song. This one didn’t bother me as much as the Queen cover from earlier in the day–perhaps the mashing of the two songs is why. The Rolling Stones then led me to the end of Monday’s exercise, a day for undoing the overeating damage of the holiday.

Vote Squeeze in 2012!

Still no required bonus 2-mile walks after Red Sox victories. Only two games in, but I’d like to see them get that first win.

If you’re travelling for the holiday, I hope you get where you’re going safe and sound. If you’re going to be with family, I hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

April 7, 2012

3.31 miles on the elliptical plus upper body weight work at the gym

  • Annie Get Your Gun–Squeeze
  • Annie’s Stoned Rush–Annie Lennox (with samples of the Rolling Stones and Rush)
  • Anniversary Song–Cowboy Junkies
  • Another Brick in the Wall [Live]–Pink Floyd
  • Another Christmas Song–Stephen Colbert
  • Another Christmas Song–Stephen Colbert
  • Another Day–Rent Cast
  • Another Day–Paul McCartney
  • Another First Kiss–They Might Be Giants
  • Another Girl–The Beatles
  • Another Girl, Another Planet–Blink-182
  • Another Girl, Another Planet–The Replacements
  • Another Heart Calls–The All-American Rejects
  • Another Man’s Done Gone–Billy Bragg & Wilco
  • Another Nail in My Heart–Squeeze
  • Another Night in Tunisia–The Manhattan Transfer
  • Another One Bites the Dust–Queen

Squeeze is an interesting band to me. First of all, the only Squeeze I own is a Greatest Hits collection, and it’s not a CD I listen to very often. But when I do listen to them, I absolutely love every song, including today’s entries “Annie Get Your Gun” and “Another Nail in My Heart”.  Now that I think about it, I even saw them in concert in college (they opened for Fleetwood Mac, and while I enjoyed both acts, the people there to see Squeeze were not the biggest Fleetwood Mac fans, so to speak). So first of all, I would rate them 5 Minds on the Simple Mind scale. I’d like to explore more of their catalogue. I wonder with which album I should start.

Here’s a first–A reader poll. Which Squeeze album should I get? (I’ve included six of their albums,):

The next song takes a little bit of explaining. I am a member of a Red Sox fan board, and members their discuss more than just the Sox–in the media section, a Sox fan that worked as a DJ posted some song mash-ups he’s done. I saved two of them, including this combination of Annie Lennox, The Rolling Stones, and Rush. I then hit the second half of a girl power back-to-back with a Cowboys Junkies song from Pale Sun Crescent Moon. 

In a bit of a surprising revelation, I do not own the Pink Floyd album The Wall, so my only version of “Another Brick in the Wall” is a live version.  The odd thing is that I am a boy and I once turned 13, so I can’t believe that I never purchased the album. I do own two copies of another artistic masterpiece, Stephen Colbert’s new holiday standard, “Another Christmas Song”.

Broadway came to my list next, with “Another Day” from my daughter’s Rent soundtrack. The version of “Another Day” that I’m more familiar with, the Paul McCartney song, then followed. It’s a song I always think is a Beatles song, but I did get to hear the Fab Four two songs later before first hearing a They Might Be Giants number, one of their more traditional songs.

At first I thought Blink-182 had covered the Replacements’ song “Another Girl, Another Planet”, but it turns out they are both covering The Only Ones hit. The All-American Rejects song is from what was their most recent album, until last month when Kids in the Street was released. I’m assuming that one of my kids will use iTunes money to add it to our mix sooner than later.

Mermaid Avenue is one of those albums that I’m assuming most readers have never heard of, and I cannot recommend highly enough that people change this. It’s an amazing album, and everyone should listen to it. Billy Bragg and Wilco are good on their own, but they are dynamic together, and the songs are the lyrics of Woodie Guthrie and their music. Things closed with a non-workout number (performed by The Manhattan Transfer) followed by a classic sports song (“Another One Bites the Dust”)

Again, happy Easter to everyone!